“The Fulton-Montgomery County Region is a progressive community providing a friendly climate for business growth and retention, a variety of entertainment venues for social gathering, an educated and trained workforce and a diverse housing stock to meet the needs of the different lifestyles of its residents.”
-Vision statement, Regional Business Plan for Fulton and Montgomery Counties


New York’s Fulton and Montgomery County Region is truly rich in resources for business and industry. This region offers unique opportunities for manufacturing, high-tech, corporate office, warehousing and distribution operations and is very attractive to companies that are reshoring operations after years of investment abroad.

New York’s Fulton-Montgomery County Region offers:

  • Affordable ex-urban quality of life
  • Low-cost real estate
  • Low-cost of doing business
  • A 21st century workforce
  • Central access to northeast markets
  • Ample water, milk and agricultural resources
  • Shovel-ready sites for businesses large and small

Working regionally demands a new way of thinking and acting. It requires a willingness on the part of people, organizations and institutions to work together in ways that transcend traditional geopolitical boundaries.

Fulton County Center for Regional Growth is the key resource in Fulton County for bringing together and creating initiatives to facilitate economic development for business and industry in Fulton County and the Fulton-Montgomery County Region.

Created by local business and government leaders to foster a healthy, viable community where it is as attractive to do business as it is to live and play, the FCCRG champions a broad range of initiatives designed to stimulate employment growth, encourage private-sector investment and strengthen the downtown areas of Fulton County’s cities and villages.

FCCRG is dedicated to enhancing the county’s economic balance and preserving its quality of life through the creation of jobs and fostering regional cooperation. As Fulton County’s economic development engine, the FCCRG attracts new businesses to the area, as well as helping existing ones expand by offering comprehensive economic development services, including arranging financing, leasing and construction of commercial real estate, warehouse and industrial space.

Through FCCRG’s and others’ efforts, Fulton County hosts a cluster of food manufacturers, as well as a diverse employment base.