Specialty Sausage Plant to Open in Gloversville, NY


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Johnstown, NY (March 12, 2013) – The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth announced today that a start-up company owned by Spanish food products entrepreneurs will soon open a production facility in Gloversville, NY for the curing and packaging of cured meat products.

Pata Negra, LLC will operate the 23,000 square-foot plant at 20 Industrial Parkway in Gloversville, the former home of Perrone Leather. Using technology developed in Spain, the company will manufacture cured meats using US and imported pork and all natural Spanish spices. With the aid of local engineer Stephen Smith, the building at 20 Industrial Parkway is being renovated to create the special drying rooms needed to provide strict controls for temperature and humidity. The firm expects to employ up to 12 people once it reaches its sales target, after the sales ramp up period.

Michael Reese, President and CEO of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth explained that the company is owned by Spanish entrepreneurs widely involved in all aspects of the gourmet food industry in Spain and Europe (livestock, Ibérico Ham and sausages making, retail gourmet stores, prepared foods, etc.) as well as in other sectors all around the world, including the real estate, robotics, and financial industries.

“We are very pleased to welcome Pata Negra to our growing cluster of food processing companies,” said Mr. Reese. “CRG worked closely with the company over the last year to identify a location for their production facility and arrange financing for the building’s purchase, renovation and equipment.”

Pata Negra LLC is owned by European firm Pata Negra Jan, S.L. The management team includes Mr. Ignacio Rodriguez Saez de Ibarra, General Manager; Mr. Pablo Allende Villanueva, Financial Controller; Mr. Antonio Libran, Technical Director and Operation Manager; and Mr. Alfonzo Blazquez, Production Manager. Mr. Blazquez was the spearhead of the Spanish Chorizo making in the US through his former company, Hispamer Industries, LLC in Fultonville, NY.

According to Mr. Saez de Ibarra, the location in Fulton County is strategic for Pata Negra, which plans to become a major provider of Spanish-style cured meats in the Northeast.

“This location provides us with right location and the water, sewer, warehousing, transportation access, and employment resources we need to be successful,” Mr. Saez de Ibarra said. “We are very pleased with the support we’ve received from the county and local business community and look forward to starting operations this spring.”

Pata Negra will focus initially on producing Spanish Chorizo with US pork meat. Chorizo (pronounced choritho) is a dry-cured pork sausage flavored with garlic, pimenton (paprika) and other spices. Demand for high-quality charcuterie products is growing in the U.S. Pata Negra will supply restaurants and retailers throughout the Northeast through a range of specialty food distributors.

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