There are wonderful things happening in downtown Gloversville and 2017 is going to put a spotlight on them like never before!

This summer, we plan to run a Twilight Market on the second Friday of the month (July – September). These markets will feature amazing, locally produced items and be a hub of community activity, with monthly themes drawing people downtown. The Twilight Market will become an event on the “must do” lists for residents and tourists alike. Around 5 pm on market nights, the sidewalks will begin to buzz with activity. Shops will stay open late to accommodate the increased foot traffic and people will stay downtown well into the evening with free entertainment options and, on some market nights, a family-friendly movie.

The planning process is well underway but we need your help. We are looking for Twilight Market planning committee members to help bring our big idea into reality.

Who are we looking for?

Enthusiastic community members! You could be a business owner, someone who works downtown or just an average Joe. As long as you are excited by the idea of a Twilight Market, we’re happy to speak with you. If you have any particular skills (like marketing, a deep community network, etc.) all the better – every little bit helps!

What is required for committee members?

In-person meetings will be held once per month starting in February and will likely conclude in July. Some email communication may be necessary thereafter. We may ask that you help contact possible community groups, musicians, etc. to help fill-in programming around our monthly themes. We don’t expect participation to require more than two or three hours per month in total.

Are you required to work at the market?

Absolutely not – but we won’t say no if you want to! We will have a general call for market volunteers as the date comes closer.

How can I sign-up for the planning committee?

It’s easy! Just email Jennifer Jennings, Downtown Development Specialist at or give her a ring at 518.725.7700 ext. 107.