Fage USA, the fourth largest yogurt brand in the United States sited its largest – and sole U.S. – production facility in Fulton County, NY.

Fage (pronounced ‘fa-yeh’) Greek yogurt products were first made in a dairy shop established in 1926 in Athens by Athanassios Filippou, the grandfather of Fage’s current chief executive officer and chairman of the board

From roots as a local Athens dairy producer, the company created wholesale distribution networks throughout Greece, and eventually 40 other countries. The company’s products were introduced to the U.S. market in 1998 via air shipments into New York City.

Fage declared its American commitment bricks-and-mortar style in the rich dairy landscape of Johnstown, NY, building a 110,000-square-foot yogurt factory, which began manufacturing in 2008, becoming the largest of the international company’s four production facilities. From that base, the brand has grown to produce and ship more than 160,000 tons of its Total and Fruitio yogurt products across the United States each year. The product is sold by 280 chain stores in 40 countries around the globe.

The company expanded in Johnstown with milk silos in 2008, warehouse space in 2009, dry goods storage in 2010 and cooler space in 2011. Fage is currently investing more than $100 million on a plant expansion and another $20 million on a pre-treatment whey facility, adding another 150 employees to its local workforce of 250.Fageplant