Fresh Start Holder

The last Twilight Market of 2017 started off with a sun shower as the vendors were setting up….

We were all relieved that the rain didn’t amount to anything more serious. It had been raining on and off throughout the day – of course when there had been NO forecast for rain. Oh well. Everyone setting up simply laughed it off and the shower left as quickly as it had arrived. School had started for local children that week and it certainly felt like fall in the air. I wore a heavier fall jacket during the event and with the breeze, I was glad that I had it.

The weather certainly did not diminish the friendly atmosphere during the event. I greeted several return guests from the August Twilight Market, who eagerly stopped in to see what kind of raffle items the CRG tent was offering. I was pleased to hand out tickets for three separate drawings. Our friends at the Johnstown WalMart Distribution Center were generous in donating funds for the purchase of back-to-school items, which reflected the Fresh Start theme of the market.

I had such a good time purchasing these items. Let’s be honest, it’s fun spending other people’s money. Additionally, I have always loved back-to-school shopping and have not had an excuse to do it in a few years now. So I was happily skipping through the aisles at WalMart, marveling at the wide variety of pencil boxes and pouches, pens and markers, binders and backpacks… Cheerfully choosing all of the things that I thought a kid might want but a parent may not be able to buy. Crayons and gel pens and staplers, oh my! It was awesome.

I wound up with three raffle items: a fully stocked back pack for an elementary student, one for a middle-high school student, and, my favorite, a collapsible bin filled with everything that an adult would need to set up a home office.


When I showed off all of my purchases to Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist, Jennifer Jennings, she laughed at my enthusiasm. “You love this stuff, don’t you?”, she remarked. And I do! I can’t deny it. I love making people happy by giving them these fantastic gifts. We have been so fortunate to have had such great partners all summer during these events. So many businesses have allowed us the privilege of raffling off their donated items. I was often speechless by their generosity. If you have not done so, I encourage you to scroll down our news feed to read about the August Market.

In the end, our three raffle winners were drawn. Jean won the elementary school back pack, Joyce won the middle-high school back pack, and Samantha won the home office starter kit.

Jean b&w Joyce b&w Samantha b&w

I hope Samantha is ok with this, as I’m going to share with you her story as her family proudly did with me. This lovely young woman has recently achieved her GED and wants to go on to get a degree in photography. So the home office starter kit has found the perfect home. Congratulations, Samantha! We are all behind you and wish you the best as you reach out for your dream.

The Fresh Start Market played host to returning and new businesses, including two prepared food vendors, which were a HUGE hit! Here is a sampling of snap shots from the event:

DSC01046 DSC01067 DSC01059

DSC01062 DSC01051

DSC01044 DSC01043 DSC01050 DSC01030 DSC01048

The Before I Die Wall made an encore appearance. Market Music was able to move from Castiglione Park and into the Main Street corridor this month, which was so nice for those of us working the event. When the second band started their set, they played You Are My Sunshine. A toddler in a stroller who had no smile for me what-so-ever, did smile for her favorite song as she looked around to see where the music was coming from. The band played into the darkness – right up until closing time.

DSC01054 DSC01035 DSC01078 DSC01077


It was a great way to end our final Twilight Market for 2017. Jennifer is already planning great things for 2018 so do plan on joining us again next year.

Written by: Becky Hatcher, CRG Executive Assistant