PATA-NEGRA-LOGOLocal specialty sausage manufacturer Pata Negra LLC added new dimension to Fulton County’s line-up of food manufacturers. Located in Gloversville, the company’s Imperial Chorizo brand HQ operates in a state-of-the-art, USDA-approved 23,000-sq ft facility on Industrial Parkway, formerly home to Perrone Leather.

The space has been customized and outfitted to suit the rigorous methods used to create the Spanish-style sausage, including a newly renovated drying room within the facility that allows for strict humidity and temperature control during the drying process. Imperial Chorizo products combine locally grown pork with imported meatsimperial-salchichon and takes advantage of a Fulton County’s skilled workforce and easy transport access, as well as existing warehousing, sewer and water infrastructure that was available at the affordable site.