Are you looking to start a new business?
You need a business plan to build a positive future.


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NYS Small Business Development Center can provide you with all the information necessary if you are considering starting a new business, including free advice and counseling. You can also find direction on writing a business plan at NYS Loves Business.


For assistance in putting together a business plan, contact:

William Brigham, Director
NYS Small Business Development Center
1220 Washington Ave. | Building 7A, Suite 500 240
Albany, NY 12226
(518) 485-7647


Expanding and growing your business isn’t easy.
Be prepared with resources and advocacy for every stage of development.


If you are expanding your business, you will need a team to guide you along the way. We have relationships with many of these crucial team members and can provide crucial assistance along the way.


Some places to start include:


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