Coordinating the transition is our business— so you can concentrate on your business.

Relocating or expanding your business is an involved process and FCCRG can be with you every step of the way. After carefully evaluating your objectives, FCCRG employs its vast network of services to ease the transition and ensure your goals are met.

One-Stop Permit Assistance

FCCRG can identify and assemble all the required permits and paperwork for you, and a representative from the permit-issuing agencies assists with the applications.

Construction and Real Estate Management

FCCRG’s full-time, professional staff provides comprehensive construction and real estate management services through our real estate affiliate, Crossroads Incubator Corporation. A team of architects, builders, lawyers, permit specialists, and building maintenance crews provides assistance in the following ways:

  • Site plan development
  • Coordinate the process of contractor bid requests, review and award
  • Design build-to-suit-to-lease facilities, meeting current and future needs of your company
  • Full-time property management which includes grounds maintenance, snow removal and building repairs

Financial Packaging

Should you require funds for your project, we can help. FCCRG administers revolving loan funds in excess of $6 million through our administrative affiliate Fulton County Economic Development Corporation. These funds were established to encourage investment in Fulton County and have assisted companies secure project financing in excess of $100 million.