The potential is here. Seize it.FULTON COUNTY WITHIN NYS

Fulton County has a lot to offer businesses looking for a great New York location.

Mike MullisSite Selector Michael Mullis, CEO of J.M. Mullis Inc. of Memphis, Tenn.

“There’s not a state in the union with a more diverse workforce and more knowledge than New York. But few people realize the riches available in the Fulton and Montgomery County area,” Mullis said.

“When companies think about the northeast they think Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State,” Mullis said. “Within New York, they usually are aware of New York City, Buffalo, Albany and Binghamton, and nothing in between.”

Tryon “is one of the region’s greatest marketing assets. It’s the best property I’ve seen in New York State. It has the topography access, buildings, and acreage that will appeal to major companies. It’s all there, including a backup power generator, $5 million worth of barbed wire security fencing, and a road network that is amply sufficient for most companies.”


Dennis DonovanSite Selector Dennis Donovan, of New Jersey-based Wadley, Donovan, Gutshaw Consulting of Bridgewater, N.J.

“The most impressive thing I’ve seen is leadership — the leadership here is really stunningly good. People are not afraid to take chances and they’re brutally honest. You’ve got what a lot of areas don’t have so that’s really important. Your infrastructure capacity is amazing and you’ve got some nice shovel-ready sites. Fulton County might be small but you’ve got good physical product here. You will succeed. There’s no doubt about it.”

“The training resources with BOCES PTECH and [Fulton-Montgomery Community College], they are first class — among the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. It helps for companies to expand their workforce and upgrade their skills because the training institutions are already in place.”

“I think your training resources here are second to noneThe range of incentives you can bring to the table are good to bring in deals.”

“The cost of doing business in Fulton County is competitive with any location, even in the Southeast. And this is not in any way exploitative; the cost of living in the area is low.”

Jim RenzasSite Selector Jim Renzas, principal at the RSH Group, Inc. of Mission Viejo, Calif.

“Our visit here opened my eyes quite a bit. I go to a lot of much bigger areas where you couldn’t get a group this size together. People just don’t care about their community. Here, you actually have a community.”




Jay garnerSite Selector Jay A. Garner, president of Garner Economics, LLC of Fayetteville, Ga.

“A lot of people that we talk to in other areas tend to glisten over the challenges, but these were noted and there was a plan to mitigate many of those challenges,” Garner said. “That shows true leadership, and I commend you all for that.”


According to Michael Mullis, the region offers outstanding:

  • Transportation infrastructure. Nearby major roadways offer ready access to Montreal, New York, Boston, and points west. Also nearby are deep-water port access and a highly functional international airport.  Rail-spur options are under review.
  • Energy. Fresh water and wastewater treatment options are plentiful.
  • Permitting. The state process is very good, and local officials work collaboratively to make permitting as easy as possible.
  • Incentives. State and local economic development entities understand the importance of incentives to offset local tax burdens to businesses.
  • Quality of life. The location offers affordable housing, rural beauty, and nearby access to cultural centers like Saratoga, the Berkshires, and the Capital Region, as well as to the vast outdoor recreational resources of the Adirondack Mountains and Mohawk Valley.
  • Proximity to research technology centers like Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, CUNY, SUNY, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.
  • Workforce. There is ample workforce to call on in the region, and 21st century workforce readiness efforts by The CEO Roundtable and Fulton Montgomery Community College have brought advanced manufacturing and other critical training resources to the region.
  • Shovel-ready sites including three in Fulton County and one in Montgomery County.


Fulton County's  Crossroads Industrial Park  located in Johnstown, NY

Fulton County NY’s Crossroads Industrial Park, and to the north, Crossroads Business Park.

Ample Choices for Businesses Large and Small

Fulton County, NY is home to manufacturing and distribution operations for companies as diverse as U.S. retailer Walmart, Greek manufacturer FAGE Yogurt, French bottler CG Roxane, Spanish charcutier Pata Negra, Euphrates Cheese and the global headquarters of medical device manufacturer Epimed International.

g-j sewer aerial

Gloversville-Johnstown Wastewater Treatment Plant

The county currently has four shovel-ready business parks with readily available natural gas, electric, water, sewer, heavy-duty road network, direct wire to police and fire protection with easy access to  state-of-the-art landfill and fiber optic telecommunications:

  • Crossroads Business Park offers a campus-like setting featuring modern infrastructure and natural beauty. Average acres per lot are 3.2; with custom facility construction available in sizes ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet.
  • Crossroads Industrial Park features lots averaging 3-acres and is a perfect location for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and food processing.
  • Johnstown Industrial Park has lots averaging 6 acres which are ideal for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and food processing.
  • Tryon Technology Park encompasses 515-acres on County Highway 107. Formerly home to a juvenile detention facility, New York State turned the site over to the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency for economic development. The flagship tenant, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, moved to the park in 2015.

    Tryon Site in Fulton County NY

    Fulton County will transform the 515-acre Tryon site on County Highway 107 into the Tryon Technology Park.