Friday January 25, 2019

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Friday – Friday January 25, 2019- 8:42 a.m.
34 West Fulton Street Gloversville, New York

Directors Present: Kent Kirch, Ronald Olinsky, Travis Mitchell, Tim Beckett, Leslie Ford, Gregory

Directors Absent:
Geoff Peck, Grant Preston, Terri Easterly

Staff Present:
Ronald Peters, Jennifer Jennings and Diane Meade

Other Attendees:
Vern Jackson Mayor of Johnstown, Peter Anadio Intelligent Leather, Trevor
Evans Leader-Herald, Jerry Ryan, Mike Schaus WENT, Rich Sleasman CBRE,
John Tracy CBRE, John Stead Fulton County, Scott Henze Fulton County, Ashley
Onyon Leader-Herald, Vince DeSantis- Mayor Gloversville, Dusty Swanger

Public Session

Call to Order / Introductions/Meeting Minutes:
Kent Kirch called the meeting to order at 8:41 a.m. He welcomed the Directors and guests to the meeting. Kent asked for a motion to approve the Organizational and B.O.D. meeting minutes from December 14, 2018 and the Finance Committee Meeting minutes from December 12, 2018. Tim Beckett motioned. It was seconded by Ron Olinsky and it passed unanimously.

  • 2019 Executive Board for 2019
    Kent Kirch- Chair
    Leslie Ford- Vice Chair
    Ron Olinsky-Treasurer
    Greg Fagan- Secretary

Administrative Matters

Resolution on extending board members terms

Chair Report:
Kent Kirch- Rolled right into committee reports.
Conclusion of Chair Report

Conclusion of Chair Report

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:
This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Governance Committee:
Met on January 24th at 3 P.M. Kent Kirch summarized the meeting for the membership and including the Decision to add Geoff Peck to the Executive Board for another year. Also, change the proxy language in the By-Laws for next year to reflect the quorum to be more specific. He also went over the BOD Survey that was filled out and summarized by the board at last BOD meeting. Leslie had brought up the fact that she didn’t have a copy of the By-Laws. Members should have been provided these and the ABO binder at the beginning of their term. Diane will do a survey on the members and provide if needed.

Finance Committee:

  •  Ron Olinsky Discussed cash positions which are fine. Discussed for the Membership that the cash situations were fine and that CRG would be opening C.D.’s He also discussed Phil Beckett’s financial statements for 2018.
  • Monthly income and expenditures for 34 West Fulton and have been monitoring every month. We reviewed and it was mentioned that we need to seek additional income stream.
  • Review the EDC loan pool report
  • We are in full compliance with the ABO
  • West and Company audit soon.

Audit Committee:
Ron Olinsky- Two signatures have to be on every check that goes out. This is so that two sets of eyes are always on the money.

Building Committee:

  • Ron Peters: Building Committee met on December 13th and the two major things discussed were Gloversville Library moved out in November. Discussed 2 potential tenants for this floor to be discussed more in Executive Committee but it looks possible for around May.
  • Maybe next month get bids on taking the building down in the back, front facade, addressing the parking lot and roof.
  • Worked with our architect Dave D’Amore and hope to have everything ready to go in early spring.

Membership & Marketing Committee:
No meeting but Ron Peters updated the Membership.

  •  Draft membership brochure was emailed to Board last week for their comments.

ABO Guidelines Review:

(Ron Peters explained ABO and why we do this at every BOD Meeting)
Diane Meade reviewed a portion of the ABO Policy section 2824(1)(b) regarding the law that requires
directors to understand, review and monitor the implantation of fundamental financial and management controls and the operating decisions of the authority. Diane Meade supplied everyone a copy the ABO  Guidance Policy for their review.

Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist Report:

Jennifer Jennings:

  • We have finalized events for 2019 Downtown. There will be three. May 2, 2019 Place Making
  • 101 Day- May 4th- An international day of service. Designed to create a critical mass of service
  • Sept 28th, 3rd Bacon Jam- Bacon, Bands and Beer Festival. Almost 4k people came last year
  • Sponsorship mailing going out Monday
  • Explained some of her duties
  • Looking for a assistant
  • Third year in the roll so pivoting to business outreach. The first two years were about getting
    community members to trust in the change and to help with the revitalization. That means more outreach and understanding so I can provide more services in my area.
  • Jennifer described Project Back Board. Follow up meeting next week.
  • Non-Profit work- Getting them institutionally prepared for grants. Board trainings

County and City Reports:

Scott Henze Crosslands Park. Been trying to bring on line here. Jim Mraz had a long talk with the owner of that property and went over many options. He has some concerns being that he owns 80 acres in Fulton County and 20 in Montgomery County and is concerned about what happens to the 20 if it gets land locked.

  •  IDA Meeting Dave D’Amore is now the Chairman

Vince DeSantis- New Gloversville Mayor explained they have money in the budget for marketing the City. He would also like to be on our marketing committee.

Vern Jackson Mayor of Johnstown – Moving right along with the grants for Pioneer Windows,
Evolution and also trying to catch up to Townsend Leather. Work is progressing on the old Rainbow
Restaurant Building. Hope to Second Wind opening. Palestine Dairy is taking the Spray Nine Building for yogurt, Ice-cream, cheeses and a restaurant/store. Mayors meeting on a monthly basis.

Ron Peters-Thanked Dustin Swanger, for his leadership as co-chair CFA on the regional council.

Dustin Swanger- It was the fourth year in a row that we were one of the top performers which means more money coming in to our region. It shows how active our Economic Development Officers are. It also shows that the State is interested in this area and its growth. There is an effort out of Albany.

President and CEO Report

Ron Peters

  • CFA Highlights- 2.2 Million to Pioneer Windows for 120,000 ft. expansion in Grant money.
  • 200k in Micro Enterprise Grants- 14 funded to date. We’ve got 12 and 2 more massaging. He
    explained the process and some of the interested parties and that we will be handling the
    education part in house this year.
  • LWRP Planning Grant Downtown Gloversville and Northville which is a real boost for future
  • Pioneer Windows hopes to bring in a 75 job increase.
  • Evolution awarded a $81k CDBG Grant through Johnstown+ a loan
  • Major success is Crossroad’s Industrial Park. It was a huge concern to keep Taylor Made here.
  • Community outreach programs. Great tours at the local businesses. Next in February WENT
  • Northville 5&10 Loan approved. Hopefully a tour in Sept.
  • EPA Grant for Gloversville $200-300,000 to evaluate opportunities within the City with
    different buildings, just about ready to go.
  • Brought a Downtown Developer
  • Organizing a County Tour. Maybe a bus to see what’s going on outside our County
  • Johnstown- Small restaurant: loan and Microenterprise Grant
  • Put Caroga Lake Restaurant in touch with the bank
  • Mayfield- Met with another Microenterprise Grant possible- reiterated about brewery trail.
  • Inquirer from State came in but we are not able to fit the bill
  • Site Selectors can back and looked at proposed regional park- Still up in the air
  • Working with Brokerage Houses out of Albany
  • Went over the upcoming trade show events and recent attended events and outreach to bankers

Tim Beckett- We contract with the City of Johnstown this week approved hoping to get into 100% of the building by late spring.

Ron Peters asked by Vince DeSantis to explain the details of the Microenterprise grants by one of the membership which he did.

At 9:42 a.m. Kent Kirch moved for a motion, Greg Fagan motioned to adjourn to executive session Leslie Ford seconded it.

Respectfully Submitted,

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Greg Fagan, Board Secretary                                                     Date


Board Meetings are held the Fourth Friday of the Month
at the CRG Main Office
at 8:30 AM

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