Friday January 26, 2018

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Friday – January 26, 2018– – 8:30 a.m. 34 West Fulton Street Gloversville, New York

Directors Present: Gregory Fagan, Leslie Ford, Kent Kirch, Travis Mitchell, Ronald Olinsky (via conference call), and James Selmser

Directors Absent: Scott Hohenforst, Grant Preston, and Geoffrey Peck

Staff Present: Ronald Peters, Jennifer Jennings, and Becky Hatcher

Guests: Kerry Minor, Leader Herald; Scott Henze, Fulton County IDA; John Blackmon, County Liaison

Public Session

Call to Order / Introductions/Meeting Minutes:
Chair Greg Fagan called the meeting to order at 10:31 a.m. He welcomed the Directors and guests to the meeting. Greg asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the November 17, 2017 Board minutes. Jim Selmser made one correction to the minutes, which will be changed immediately following the meeting. Jim Selmser made the motion to approve the minutes with the change; Travis Mitchell seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Due to a lack of quorum, the November 15, 2017 Finance Committee minutes could not be approved by that committee and will be submitted next month for approval.

Administrative Matters

Chair Report:

Chair Greg Fagan reported on the State of the County Address, which was given that morning by Jon Stead. He reported that the tour of No. 22 Bicycle had been well attended and that the quality of the bikes made was tremendous. The tour showcased the anodizing process, welding, sand blasting, and all other skills and techniques made to produce these high-end bicycles.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

This Committee had one meeting regarding a personnel issue since the last Board meeting.

Governance Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Finance Committee:

Ron Olinsky reported that the Finance Committee tried to meet the Wednesday prior to the Board Meeting; however, due to a lack of quorum, no meeting took place.

Audit Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Building Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Membership & Marketing Committee:

Grant Preston said that a meeting of this Committee needs to be scheduled.

ABO Guidelines Review:

Becky Hatcher reviewed the Conflict of Interest direction from the ABO, and handed out the Conflict of Interest Policy that needs to be processed by the Directors annually.

Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist Report:

Jennifer Jennings: provided a written report to the Board prior to the meeting. She also gave a verbal update on her activities over the past month, including the establishment of a new website for downtown Gloversville. She mailed out her newsletter, as well as a sponsorship flyer for 2018 Gloversville events. Jennifer talked about the upcoming Artist in Residence Program, grants she has applied for, and the Placemaking 101 Conference in April.

County and City Reports:

Scott Henze was congratulated on his new position at the County Planning Office. He provided the IDA report on behalf of the County. He shared a copy of their newsletter and said that their website has been updated, per the suggestions of the Site Selectors who visited Fulton County (fcida.org). The County website had also been updated. He talked about the IDA’s 2018 electronic marketing campaign, along with some winter marketing videos that will highlight businesses and activities that thrive in the colder weather.

President and CEO Report

Current Projects:

Ron Peters informed the Board of current projects that he has been working on. He was pleased to announce that Pioneer Window closed on the purchase of their building in the Johnstown Industrial Park, which will preserve the 140 jobs at that facility. The company also purchased a new window glazing line and agreed to be CRG’s first Diamond Sponsor of 2018!

There are 6 other industrial projects that Ron has been working on, including one that has been approved for a CDBG loan and create 5-7 jobs, and a project that could double the company’s workforce from 40 to 80 jobs.

Microenterprise Grant Programs: Ron shared a summary of the 2016 program, which showed that there were 6 full-time and 4 part-time jobs created through the current grantees. An extension to this program has been requested to try to finalize an additional applicant.

Community Outreach Programs: Ron added to the No. 22 Bicycle tour report. He reminded everyone that the next tour is Benjamin Moore in February and urged all in attendance to RSVP.

The Village of Northville’s successful Main Street CFA Grant has created buzz with other Northville businesses and could spur another project. On February 2nd, there will be an event at the Northville School with Global Foundries regarding a P-Tech planning grant.

Ron discussed Johnstown’s Diana Knitting Mill project and Restore NY Grant. Townsend Leather is also seeking other businesses to take space at this site.

Gloversville is working on a Restore NY application, as well as a new EPA application. LaBella continues to work with the City on downtown development.

Business Marketing Inquiries: 310 calls through NYS have not started yet for 2018. By year end, there should be 95 solid leads through this system. Ron mentioned that he has responded to an RFP through the State.

Combined County Marketing Effort Update: Ron reported that these meetings will start up again in February.

Property Disposition Update: The only property that CIC now owns is the vacant lot along Prospect Street and Littauer Place. The sale of the property is still being finalized.

Loan Applicant Updates: Ron said Stump City Brewery has received a loan to expand their business from a 2 barrel system to a 5 barrel system, which will allow them to put some of their kegs into local bars. Evolution has also been approved for a loan to add new equipment that will increase employment by 5 jobs. The downtown True Value project is continuing, with one loan approval.

2018 Proposed Events: Ron reviewed the list of events on the agenda:

  1. Membership Kick-off Open House Event – January 30
  2. Grand Opening of The Center – March
  3. Placemaking 101 Conference – April
  4. Joint Financing Symposium with MVEDD – May
  5. Drum Corp International – July
  6. Undetermined Business Symposium – October
  7. Annual Event – November 15

2018 Events Attending / Participating in: Ron reviewed the list of events that he will either attending or CRG will participate in:

  1. MVEDD Annual Meeting – January 29
  2. NYSEDC – January 31 – February 1
  3. Site Selector’s Guild Conference – March 19-21
  4. IAMC Spring Professional Furom – May 5-9
  5. NYSEDC Annual Meeting – May 23-25
  6. Southern Adirondack Wine & Food Festival – June 9
  7. Select USA Investment Summit – June 20-22
  8. IEDC Economic Future – June 24-26
  9. Fancy Food Show – June 30 – July 2
  10. Woodworking and Fine Arts Weekend in Northville – July 20-22
  11. IAMC Fall Forum – September 15-19
  12. Site Selector’s Guild Fall Conference – TBD

34 West Fulton Street: Ron has been working with Travis Mitchell on the draft RFP for services needed regarding the grant funds that will renovate 34 West Fulton Street. Ron hopes that the funds will be drawn down as the project moves along and has Accounting Assistant, Paul Davis, assembling expenses to date.

Other: Ron talked about CRG’s WAMC ads and Leslie Ford and Kent Kirch talked about CRG’s Leadership Training Module development which will focus on Board Development. Becky Hatcher will resend the Mission/Vision/Values Statement to the Board for approval at the next Board Meeting.

Adjournment to Executive Session to Discuss Legal Issues

At 11:19 a.m. Greg Fagan asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting to Executive Session. Leslie Ford made the motion; it was seconded by Kent Kirch and unanimously approved. Greg dismissed the guests and thanked for their attendance at the Board meeting.

Legal and Staff Issues:

The Directors discussed several ongoing legal issues. These discussions were informational in nature. No action was needed.

Adjournment from Executive Session

At 12:00 p.m. Greg Fagan asked for a motion to adjourn from Executive Session. Jim Selmser made the motion; it was seconded by Kent Kirch and unanimously approved.

Adjournment of the Board Meeting

At 12:01 p.m. Greg Fagan asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Geoff Peck made the motion; it was seconded by James Selmser and unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

________________________________ _________________
__________________, Board Secretary Date

Board Meetings are held the Fourth Friday of the Month
at the CRG Main Office
at 8:30 AM

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