Membership Meeting – February 23, 2018

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Friday – February 23, 2018 – Immediately following the Board of Directors Meeting
34 West Fulton Street Gloversville, New York

Directors Present: Gregory Fagan, Leslie Ford, Kent Kirch, Ronald Olinsky (via conference call), Geoffrey Peck, Grant Preston, and Jim Selmser.

Directors Absent: Travis Mitchell and Scott Hohenforst

Staff Present: Ronald Peters and Sarah Egan

Guests: John Blackmon, Fulton County Liaison; Michael Albanese, Esq. Legal Counsel

Membership Meeting Called to Order

Greg Fagan welcomed all in attendance to the Membership Meeting and called the meeting to order at 10:11 a.m. As everyone knew each other, no introduction of guests was needed.

Membership Meeting

Verification of Proxies and Quorum – Sarah Egan verified that with the number of Directors present, in addition to the proxies received, a quorum of Members was considered as present and the meeting could proceed.

Approval of Meeting Minutes – Greg asked for a motion to approve the January 27, 2018 meeting minutes as written. Grant Preston made the motion. Leslie Ford seconded it and it was unanimously approved.

Election of Directors –Up for election for their first, three-year term is Terry Easterly and Tim Beckett. Up for election to his third, three-year term is Ron Olinsky. They accepted nomination and was put before the Membership for vote. Geoff Peck made a motion to accept both nominees for a first term and to accept Ron Olinsky for his third term. Jim Selmser seconded the motion, and it was carried unanimously.

By-Law Changes – The proposed change to CRG’s by-laws was sent to all members prior to the meeting with their proxy. The proposed change is as follows:

Article III- Membership

Section 1. Classes of Members. The Corporation shall have two classes of membership; voting and non-voting. Voting members shall consist of those members who participate at the diamond, platinum, gold, silver, bronze and associate levels of membership. CRG will offer Municipal Memberships to cities, villages and townships located within Fulton County. Honorary members shall be non-voting members. Any person, business organization, corporation, association or governmental unit interested in the industrial, commercial, and economic development of the Fulton County area may apply to become a member of the Corporation. The Board of Directors shall establish the class designations, powers, and associated dues of the various membership classes.

Any changes to the by-laws are required to be approved by CRG’s membership. Kent Kirch made a motion to approve the change to the by-laws as submitted. Leslie Ford seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.


As all business of the Membership Meeting had been concluded, Greg Fagan asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kent Kirch made the motion; it was seconded by Grant Preston and adjourned at 10:18 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

________________________________ _________________
Leslie Ford, Board Secretary Date

Board Meetings are held the Fourth Friday of the Month
at the CRG Main Office
at 8:30 AM

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