Friday July 9, 2018

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Friday – July 9, 2018 – 8:30 a.m. 34 West Fulton Street Gloversville, New York

Directors Present: Geoffrey Peck, Kent Kirch, Ronald Olinsky, Travis Mitchell, Terri Easterly and Timothy Beckett

Directors Absent: Gregory Fagan and Grant Preston

Staff Present: Ronald Peters, Jennifer Jennings, and Sarah Egan

Guests: Ashley Onyon, Leader Herald; Scott Henze, County Planner; Michael Albanese, Esq., Legal Counsel

Public Session

Call to Order / Introductions/Meeting Minutes:

Chair Geoffrey Peck called the meeting to order at 8:29 a.m. He welcomed the Directors and guests to the meeting. Geoffrey asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes from May 18, 2018. Kent Kirch made the motion to approve the minutes; Terri Easterly seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Geoffrey then asked for a motion to approve the Finance Committee Meeting Minutes from May 16, 2018. Kent Kirch made the motion to approve the minutes; Terri Easterly seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Administrative Matters

Chair Report:

Vice Chair Kent Kirch had nothing to report at this meeting.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Governance Committee:

Kent Kirch advised the Board that this Committee met on June 18th. The Committee reviewed the revised Mission Statement and Performance Goals for CRG discussing each goal in depth so that we can be more specific about what we are aiming to do. For the first goal of Education the committee is going to have Ron reach out to the Chamber and the County to collaborate on an Education Program. The Growth and Revitalization goal is to bring more players in the County, getting more investments, and expanding and retaining existing organizations. Under Growth and Revitalization, the committee brought up the sub goal of “Recruit a significant new employer in Fulton County” and asked for Board opinions on changing this. After discussion, the Board agreed to change this to recruit a new employer to Fulton County with a minimum of 10 new jobs. For the Finance goal, Ron has added numbers to reach for to utilize the loan fund and microenterprise grants. The Committee is still working on some more items under this goal. Lastly, under Collaboration it’s all about the relationships with other County organizations. The Board also discussed scheduling a Committee meeting to discuss doing a tiered system for interest rates on loans, Terri, Kent, Tim, and Geoff agreed attend this meeting to discuss this topic.

Finance Committee:

Geoff Peck advised the Board that this Committee met the Wednesday prior to the Board Meeting. As Ron Olinsky had not arrived to the Board Meeting yet, the Finance Committee Meeting was not discussed.

Audit Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Building Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Membership & Marketing Committee:

This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

ABO Guidelines Review:

Sarah Egan reviewed the new ABO Policy number 18-02- Public Authority Investment Report and supplied everyone a copy for their review. She briefly discussed that public authorities are to adopt comprehensive investment guidelines including a policy for the authority’s investment of funds. Public authorities are also required to prepare an annual investment report, which included the results of the annual independent audit of all investments.

Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist Report:

Jennifer Jennings:  provided a written report to the Board prior to the meeting. Jennifer informed the Board that she sent out the second round of postcards for the Artists and Residence Program on June 27th. She recently received a $1,000 grant from the National Association of Realtors to help cover the cost of this mailing. The Business Owners Newsletter was also sent out on June 26th. Jennifer stated that they had their Business Owners Roundtable meeting on June 21st and they discussed the forming of an exploratory committee for a Downtown Ambassador Program, a job training program for people in need. Jennifer also informed the Board that the first Twilight Market of the year will be taking place this Friday from 5:00 pm to 8:00pm and she asked the Board for help with customer counts and break down. Also, Jennifer did a DRI Presentation last week with Ron, Vince, and Dayton. Tomorrow Jennifer will be presenting at the New York State Council of Church Conference in Johnstown that focuses on community building and revitalization. Lastly, Leslie Ford and Jennifer hosted a Board Retreat for a Downtown Organization and will discuss more in the Executive Session.

County and City Reports:

Scott Henze thanked Ron Peters and the Board for inviting him to join in the attendance of the SelectUSA Investment Summit. Scott stated that he is planning on attending next year and have already put it in his budget.

President and CEO Report

Current Projects: 

Ron Peters informed the Board of current projects that he has been working on. Ron reported that he is still working on the application for Pioneer Windows. He will be submitting the application at the end of July for the expansion of Pioneer Windows, pushing to get all the information needed from Pioneer Windows. Ron will be meeting with Evolution in the next week or so to discuss what they are doing in their business and also discuss their pre application for CDBG financing and grant. There are still 7 projects in play in the industrial park and Ron did meet several weeks ago with a manufacturing company in the industrial park looking for some financing.

Microenterprise Grant Programs: Ron reported that we just submitted the last application for the Microenterprise Grant for Second Wind Coffee, LLC in Downtown Johnstown. Ron stated we should hear from the state in about 2 weeks regarding where they stand. With this last application, we have used $195,500 of the $200,000 pool. Ron will be attending a public hearing today with the county on submitting a new Microenterprise Grant application in the CFA round. Ron stated that he has at least 15 to 20 people who are interested in the Microenterprise Grant program.

Community Outreach Programs: Ron stated that the tour on Friday, June 29th at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown went well.

Ron informed the Board that Northville is still going forward with the Anchor Grant Project and will also be submitting a Local Waterway Revitalization Application.

Ron stated that the Restore NY Grant is still in play and that Gloversville has also applied for a Local Waterway Revitalization Initiative. Ron discussed the presentation they made to DRI and how the were only 4 applications including us. He thinks that was have a really good chance. Ron informed that Board that he will be working on another EPA Application for the City of Gloversville. Ron also is looking into a DC Grant for Downtown Gloversville, he is still working on getting more information on this grant. Lastly, Ron noted that La Bella’s meeting on June 21st went really good.

Tim Beckett informed the Board that there is still no contract for the Restore NY Grant. Tim is waiting for Mike Reese to get confirmation. Ron stated that he is still meeting with Vern every couple of weeks to discuss projects and ideas and how this has been a good team effort.

In Broadalbin, Ron stated he is just starting to reach out to the businesses that attended the Financing Symposium.

Ron informed the Board that he has received the first application from a business is Caroga Lake which he is really excited about, because that means our presentations are starting to pay off.

Business Marketing Inquiries: Ron discussed how the SelectUSA Investment Summit was a great tradeshow. Besides NY State, we were the only other group from New York. Ron Olinsky said the cooperation from NY State was incredible and they sent a few people over to our booth to talk.
Ron informed the Board that he had a company contact him looking for special use property in New York State. Ron said there is also a million square foot DC out there floating in NY State. Ron has been talking to a broker to see what we can do on different sites in Fulton County.

Combined County Marketing Effort Update: Ron stated he will be meeting with Scott Henze and John Stead this week to discuss the marketing programs.

Property Disposition Update: Ron informed the Board that he will be going before the court today or tomorrow to discuss the disposition of the property on vacant lot along Prospect Street and Littauer Place. We need the court approval to sell the property but Ron thinks that everything should go okay.

Loan Applicant Updates: Ron informed the Board that the Goderie Tree Farm Loan closed 2-3 weeks ago. Evolution, True Value, and Thnk Tank Media applications are still in play. Deli Masters is under review and they are looking to do another refinance this week. Ron stated he also has 3 in the hopper which will clean out the Loan Pool.

2018 Proposed Events: Ron reviewed the list of events on the agenda:

  1. Grand Opening of The Center – To Be Announced
  2. Drum Corp International – July 22
  3. Undetermined Business Symposium – October
  4. Annual Event – November 15

2018 Events Attending / Participating in: Ron reviewed the list of events that he will either attending or CRG will participate in:

  1. Woodworking and Fine Arts Weekend in Northville – July 20-22
  2. IAMC Fall Forum – September 15-19
  3. Site Selector’s Guild Fall Conference – TBD

Events Attended

  1. MVEDD Annual Meeting- January 29
  2. Membership Kick-off Open House Event- January 30
  3. NYSEDC- January 31-February 1
  4. Site Selector’s Guild Conference – March 19-21
  5. ICSC Table Setup- March 24-26
  6. Placemaking 101 Conference – April
  7. IAMC Spring Professional Forum – May 5-9
  8. NYSEDC Annual Meeting – May 23-25
  9. Southern Adirondack Wine & Food Festival – June 9
  10. Select USA Investment Summit – June 20-22
  11. IEDC Economic Future – June 24-26
  12. Fancy Food Show – June 30 – July 2

Adjournment to Executive Session to Discuss Legal Issues

At 9:09 a.m. Geoffrey Peck asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting to Executive Session. Tim Beckett made the motion; it was seconded by Kent Kirch and unanimously approved. Geoffrey dismissed the guests and thanked them for their attendance at the Board meeting.

Legal and Staff Issues:

The Directors discussed several ongoing legal issues. These discussions were informational in nature. No action was needed.

CRG staff were asked to leave the meeting around 9:38 a.m. and no additional notes were recorded.

Respectfully Submitted,

________________________________ _________________
Leslie Ford, Board Secretary Date

Board Meetings are held the Fourth Friday of the Month
at the CRG Main Office
at 8:30 AM

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