Open House at Frozen Parts, Inc.

CRG was invited to attend the 1st Annual Open House at Frozen Parts on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Located at 19 Washington Street in Gloversville, NY, the flyer for the event promised “Food, Fun, Ice Cream and Demonstrations.” They did not disappoint.

I arrived at the start of the event and met up with Nancy Reccio of FMS Workforce Development, Kent Kirch of CRG’s Board of Directors, Halie Northrop from Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s office, and Gloversville Mayor, Dayton King among other guests. Frozen Parts’ President and Owner, Jim Law, was on hand to tell us about the demonstrations we would see later during the event. He also said that Frozen Parts can manufacture around 500 different parts products!

We started off with lunch – hot dogs, burgers, lunch meat, cold salads, chips… and of course, ice cream from Meco’s Perfect Scoop. I told you they did not disappoint! The ice cream I was expecting. They are Frozen Parts, after all… But this was over the top good. A complete spread for lunch and a sundae bar. Check out the toppings.

Multiple Ice Cream toppings from Meco's Perfect ScoopAfter lunch, Michael Trumble provided a demonstration of the manufacturing process of a Frozen Parts heat exchanger. The photos below show him measuring and cutting the piping, laying the two pieces in the wooden tray with a bead of solder, and melting the solder with an electrical current. Very cool! He said that it makes a strong, even connection between the two pieces of pipe. Once it is cooled, the pipe is threaded through an insulated sleeve and curled to the needed diameter for a specific refrigeration/cooling unit.

demonstration of the manufacturing process of a Frozen Parts heat exchangerKim Dingman then provided a demonstration of the bending of Plexiglas freezer covers. She places a pre-cut piece of glass onto a wooden frame which holds the flat piece at a precise location so that the part that needs to bend is above a heating element. The heat then softens the Plexiglas until it is malleable and can be bent into a 90 degree angle. The piece is then clipped onto a wooden tray that keeps the side piece upright until it cools. It can then be finished off to fit a dipping freezer. It was estimated that Frozen Parts shipped around 1500 if these covers last year.

Jim Law served up the sweet stuff. Quite generously, I might add. Ice cream flavors of the day were Meco’s Perfect Scoop’s Vanilla and Peanut Butter Cup. I’m not a vanilla girl so I had the peanut butter cup. SO, SO GOOD! If you have not had a chance to try Meco’s Perfect Scoop ice cream, you simply must go right nowand get some. It is delicious. I decked mine out with some sundae goodies and loved every spoonful.

Below you’ll find some pics of Jim serving ice cream to his grandkids, Andrew and Avery. You’ll also see pics of the ice cream carts and custom scoop sinks that are made in his shop, right in the heart of Gloversville.

Jim serving ice cream to his grandkids

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