10 Helpful Tips for Building or Revising Your Resume

1. Ditch the objective statement
Many recruiters consider the traditional, one-line objective statement old school and unnecessary. Formulate a quick intro that concisely sums up your talents and what you can do for the organization instead.
2. Skip “references available upon request”
This is another resume staple of yesteryear that no longer matters. You should, however, have a list ready to go and your references notified in case they are contacted.
3. List relevant skills
It’s not a bad idea to list the skills that qualify you for the job, but be industry-specific. Experience with “Microsoft Word” should not be included on anyone’s resume.
4. Keep it simple
One page is all it takes … and all employers will really have the patience to look at. Keep it to a single sheet and make it count.
5. Stick to the highlights
Avoid listing your entire employment history dating back to the part-time job you had in high school or college. Go with the experience most relevant to the position you’re applying for.
6. Be specific
Don’t just list the job duties of your previous position. Tell your prospective employer what you accomplished in each of those duties and use statistics or numbers whenever possible.
7. Bullet briefly
Limit each job section to five or six bullets and do not exceed one or two lines for each to make the most of the 10 or so seconds of attention you’ll get.
8. Outsource content
If you’re feeling restricted, build a personal website where you can get into more detail and include it in your contact info.
9. Avoid buzzwords
These are the 10 most overused words on LinkedIn and recruiters have probably read them enough. Don’t annoy them with empty vocabulary like …

• motivated o creative
• enthusiastic/track record
• passionate/successful
• driven/strategic
• extensive experience/expert

10. Proof read your resume
Typos or bad grammar are pretty much deal breakers for any employer who has a lot of candidates to choose from. Proof it, have a friend look at it and proof it again.
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