Checklist for the Modern Job Hunter

Refresh your LinkedIn profile
It’ll be one of your prospective employer’s first stops and it should be yours too. The term “personal branding” was pretty much coined because of LinkedIn. You need to own your digital space by making a good first impression on anyone who might come across your profile. If anything, you want to make sure it’s up to date before you do anything else.
Update your resume
This is a natural extension of the previous to-do. Before you begin your search, you want some type of resume framework in hand. This will help you expose yourself to more job opportunities in less time.
Build a personal website
As you will see on our resume building tip sheet, it’s important to keep your document concise. A personal website gives you the breathing room to show off some work and add a snapshot of your personality. Some popular free services include:
 about.me
 flavors.me
 strikingly
 enthuse.me
 jimdo
Start the search
The easiest place to start is the job boards. A reader survey by Forbes collected 700 nominations, which the publisher pared down to:
 LinkedIn
 Indeed.com
 Monster.com
 SimplyHired.com
 Glassdoor.com
 Idealist.com
 USAJobs.com
Search harder
Job boards are a good start, but your best bet is to determine the organizations you want to work for and go right to their websites, where they’re likely to have the most recent listings and probably some that you won’t find on the popular job search engines.
Do your research
Get to know your prospective employer. Take the time to look over their mission, culture, products or services before you fire off that resume and cover letter. Personalizing your pitch is essential to earning an interview.
It’s show time.
Prepare for the interview
We’ve got a great tip sheet for that too.

• motivated o creative
• enthusiastic/track record
• passionate/successful
• driven/strategic
• extensive experience/expert

Notify your references
Make sure your references know you’re on the market and give them the courtesy heads up that they may be contacted.
Follow up
Don’t let them forget about you. But, don’t stalk. One or two weeks after application is probably a good time to re-introduce yourself if you haven’t heard anything.
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