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CRG Interviews Platinum Member:  Kinderhook Bank

Interview with:  John A. Balli, President and CEO

John A. Balli, President and CEO Kinderhook Bank
John A. Balli, President and CEO

What is your current position at Kinderhook Bank and what does it entail?
As President & CEO my job is to work with my partners at the bank to implement our Board’s strategic vision. That vision entails enhancing the community banking experience so that we continue our growth trajectory to benefit our customers, communities and shareholders.

Please provide a brief history of Kinderhook as a corporation and why they decided to expand into Fulton County?
We’ve been in business since 1853. Kinderhook Bank is a community bank that provides personal and business banking and lending products but more importantly, we build relationships with people.  As a local community bank, our mission aligned with the former Patriot Federal Bank perfectly.  Together we’re now offering expanded banking options to people, neighbors and businesses in Fulton and Montgomery counties along with Albany, Rensselaer and Columbia counties. Fulton County is a natural extension of the same communities we have been operating in for 165 years. Entrepreneurial, hard-working folks that care deeply for their communities and appreciate personal relationships in banking.

What are some special services that Kinderhook provides to its customers that sets it apart from other local banks?
It is often said that banking products are commodities but we bring a personal touch to banking that disappeared years ago. When you are part of the communities where you have branch locations, there is a certain sincerity that is apparent and felt by our customers. This has been the driver of our growth as people have grown tired of being treated like nameless commodities at other banks.

What makes working at Kinderhook Bank special?
Kinderhook Bank runs like a family business where we all work together and have input into everything we do. A failure for one of us is a failure for all so we work collaboratively to minimize those instances and achieve great things together!

If you could share one thing about Kinderhook with people in Fulton County, that they may not already know, what would it be? 
We’re pet-friendly and people- friendly.  People can visit us and relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and cookies and bring their pet to have a treat and even receive a free Kinderhook Bank leash.  People love to bring their pets wherever they go – even to do their banking!

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