Royal Mountain Inn

Royal Mountain InnTheresa Sarantopoulos, owner of Royal Mountain Inn, located at 4993 State Hwy 29, Johnstown, has put her heart and soul into completely refurbishing and recreating this restaurant, nearly from the ground up. Owning their own establishment is the pinnacle of their dreams. “Failure is not an option,” she said. “This is going to be the best thing we have ever done.” And why wouldn’t it be? She and her husband have been in the restaurant business for their entire careers.
Theresa approached CRG in 2015 and spoke to President and CEO, Ron Peters, about her dream to stop working for others and open her own restaurant. Her passion for this work was evident, shining more brightly than any business plan or budget projection could ever convey.
With the assistance of a loan from the Fulton County CDBG Loan Fund, Royal Mountain Inn became a dream realized.
Describing her experience in working with the staff at CRG, Theresa said, “Ron Peters has really been awesome to work with and very helpful with whatever I needed. I am very happy that I found CRG when I needed assistance.”
CRG’s assistance has paid off.

Entrance to Royal Mountain Inn

One visit to Royal Mountain Inn and you will see that pride truly is in everything that they do. The menu features traditional Greek food, alongside favorites from other styles of foods, such as the Royal Mountain Burger. There is something for everyone, including the little ones in the family. While there is a bar on site, the atmosphere is warm and inviting, restaurant-wide and has a seating capacity of 75-80 people.
Business has been so good, that Theresa returned to CRG in 2018 for additional funding for an upgrade in the kitchen.
“I feel that without the support of CRG, I would not have been able to move forward with what I was doing to open my business,” says Theresa. “I am so very grateful.”
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