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Fulton County is known for its beautiful Adirondack landscapes and exceptional outdoor recreation. The County Board of Supervisors is pro-business and we have invested in growing the local economy by launching Destination: Fulton County, a strategic plan to expand the area’s tourism and hospitality sectors. The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth and Industrial Development Agency are a great partnership with resources for any new venture, whether it be to start-up a business or expand. They will work with local government leaders to assist you with your project and keep it on track from start to ribbon-cutting. Our communities are open to growth and have established a streamlined approach to expedite any necessary permitting and siting that may be necessary.

Map of Fulton County
Map of Fulton County
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Approximately 65 million people can be served within a four­‐hour travel time, or the standard 300­‐mile “just­‐in­‐time­‐delivery” radius.

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