Fulton County Profile

Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.

Fulton County

By 2026, Fulton County, New York  will be a premier place to invest, work, start a business, own a home, raise a family, vacation and retire. Our quality of life, vibrant atmosphere, healthy lifestyles, friendly neighborhoods and scenic lakefronts will appeal to young people, families, empty-nesters, artists, entrepreneurs, local employees and downtown professionals. Fulton County will continue to be a place where one can take a 180 degree turn away from a high cost and high stress way of life toward a relaxing lifestyle with a reasonable cost of living, quality housing and well-paying jobs. Our 44 lakes, featuring the Great Sacandaga Lake, our memorable Adirondack vistas, Mohawk Valley history and diverse four-­‐season recreational opportunities will appeal to residents and be destinations for visitors.

Fulton County believes in you.
This is your new frontier.
Strategic Location
Located within six hours of 20% of the United States’ population
including New York City, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Buffalo and major Canadian markets including Montreal.
Dock Light in front of Marina, Northville NY
Quality of Life
Enjoy the Adirondack Park
The County’s enviable quality of life, world class recreational assets and housing and retail choices make it an attractive location for new residents, workers and visitors.
Water tower lit by Orange sunset
Strong Economy
Fulton County has a diversified economy
featuring companies like FAGE USA, Benjamin Moore, Walmart Food Distribution Center, Crystal Geyser, Taylor Made Products, EPIMED and many others.
Water Tank at Tryon Development Area
Primary Development Areas
ready to be developed, supported at the local level and are properly zoned.
Each PDA is a tract of land planned and endorsed by local communities for Smart development.
Worker in a Clean Workroom
Trained, Educated Workforce
Region’s workforce totals approximately 500,000
This workforce, which spans nine counties, includes workers within 45-­minute drive.
People walking by the Historic Glove Theatre in Gloversville, NY
By the Numbers
the County’s population is projected to increase to 55,630 by 2020
A notable population trend between 2000 and 2014 is a near 20% increase in residents in their peak earning years (age 45-­64.)

The Cities of Gloversville and Johnstown will be safe, welcoming and energetic places, alive with restaurants, shops, galleries, museums and entertainment venues, parks and farmer’s markets. We will live, work and enjoy life together along bustling streets lined with preserved historic buildings with magnificent architecture that offer a variety of reasonably priced housing for residents of all ages, abilities and incomes. Outside of the cities, our towns, villages and hamlets will represent all that is good about “small town America,” boasting convenient community centers and neighborhoods that are compact and walkable.

Fulton County will remain a close­‐knit and connected community with a deep personal stake in our excellent schools, accessible health care, community services and well­‐maintained public infrastructure. Our dedicated community leaders will work cooperatively to create sustainable revenue streams that keep our County affordable, promote an enviable quality of life, encourage investment, create jobs and fuel positive change.

Named after the famed inventor Robert Fulton, the County will continue its proud history of making and growing things people need. Our diverse economy, with a globally competitive workforce and creative ‐ economy talent, will speed innovation, expand technology, leverage private capital, and engage higher education. Strategic Development Areas have spurred housing and retail growth, while local farms and agri ­‐ businesses drive a thriving agricultural economy. Our abundant water and wastewater capacities promote Fulton County as a smart place to invest.

Fulton County’s Development Strategy marks an important point in a five-year process initiated in 2013 by the Fulton County Board of Supervisors to “jump start” private sector investment in Fulton County. Jump Start Fulton County’s goal was to expand revenues and the tax base.

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