Sites & Facilities

Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.

Primary Development Areas

Fulton County’s Development Strategy recommends the creation of three Primary Development Areas (PDA). Each PDA is a tract of land planned and endorsed by local communities for Smart development. The three PDA’s are:

Development Concept Plans for each Development Area identify a mixture of housing, commercial, retail, recreational and mixed use types of development. All three PDA’s are ready to be developed, supported at the local level and are properly zoned.

Shovel-Ready Sites

Fulton County has a strong inventory of shovel-ready sites and existing buildings for food processing, high-tech, manufacturing, corporate offices, industrial, and other businesses, all surrounded by nature’s beauty and serenity.

Buildings and Office Space

Fulton County has an amazing inventory and office space available for rent or purchase.

We would love to talk to you about what you are looking for and get you into the perfect property right here in Fulton County, NY.

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