Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.

Why CRG?

Your membership helps ensure a vibrant business community in Fulton County both now and in the future. CRG provides the following services to both existing and potential businesses who call Fulton County “HOME”:

Financing services including grants and loans
Assistance and guidance for business expansion and retention
Guidance and mentorship programs for small businesses
Professional meeting and training spaces for your business’ needs such as client meetings, employee trainings and networking events
Partnership with local municipalities, organizations and businesses on events that bring foot traffic to our downtown
Marketing of Fulton County to economic, industry and business professionals across the globe
Executive team trainings to optimize your operation
“Business to Business Networking Sessions” on a quarterly basis to assist businesses, elected officials and contractors to collaborate
in an open and comfortable atmosphere
Monthly topic focused professional and personal development training sessions to help Fulton County continue growth
Fulton County
your new frontier
CRG has been Fulton County’s preferred economic development organization since 2012.

The Board of Directors and members of CRG represent the highest values in business, commitment to community and belief in building a robust local economy and high quality of life for those who live,work and visit Fulton County. Our staff is available to answer your questions and work with your business to find the tools for success.

CRG works for you.

CRG is a member of a dozen economic development organizations. Our presence at and participation in events both on the local and national scale provides access to and the ability to interface with decision makers of large businesses who are looking to relocate, expand and form. CRG works to promote Fulton County as a prime location to do business.

CRG Offers:

Advocacy to Local, State and Federal government on issues affecting Fulton County’s Business climate and economic development programs.

Advancement of economic development policies that create jobs, stimulate growth, and improve the quality of life in Fulton County.

Education and professional development policies programs for members to enhance their effectiveness as local, regional and state economic developers.

Business incubator and Co-Work space developed to help build collaboration between startup businesses and the CRG while also providing conference space for training sessions and new meeting venues.

Micro-enterprise grant assistance for businesses with five or less employees which provides up to $25,000 to help with growing the business and building new jobs. In 2019, the CRG assisted six businesses complete applications with six more moving forward in 2020 already!

Our Sponsors Say…

The Fulton County CRG is focused entirely on improving the economic climate of Fulton County and the Region. Through CRG’s efforts we’re working to bring companies here, help companies grow, and develop our cities. All of these efforts help our citizens and our existing companies become more prosperous. Our membership directly impacts CRG’s ability to accomplish these goals .
It only makes sense. Why not join a positive organization to help our area grow!
The CRG is a tireless advocate for the interests of all business in Fulton County as well as recruiting new business world-wide. The efforts of the CRG benefit the entire area. Your CRG membership is an investment in your future and the future of Fulton County
As a longtime member of the CRG Universal Warehouse/SLA Transport Inc. has had many opportunities to be made aware of existing and future companies coming into our area. This has helped enable us in creating new partnerships for the benefit of both parties. I highly recommend joining the CRG
The Center for Regional Growth (and its predecessor entities) worked tirelessly in assisting FAGE to establish itself in Fulton County. Their expertise in navigating both the local and state pathways was, and is, immensely appreciated. Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, and the county itself, has provided greatly appreciated support to FAGE, and we continue to share in a thriving relationship.
“My business would not be here today if not for Fulton County’s economic developers. Their business loan allowed me to install snowmaking equipment and upgrade my chairlift.”
Without the help of CRG, CMK & Associates would not have been able to build our flagship office in Fulton County. CMK and Associates Reel Estate currently has 6 offices. Our office in Vail Mills is our training center, allowing us space large enough to bring the agents from our six offices together for events and workshops. O r new office gives us the space and exposure needed in order to continue to grow CMK. CRG was instrumental in helping us socurc tho financing we needed to build this location.

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