Our Mission, Vision & Value Statement

Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.


To build Fulton County’s economy one business at a time.


To be recognized as the organization that positions Fulton County as a premier location to do business, live and relax.

Vision Statement

CRG is building Social and economic capital though:

*Showcasing Fulton County          *High Quality of Life
*Collaboration                               *Leveraging Synergies
*Leadership Development             *Strategic Investment
*Economic Growth                        *Accountability
*Job Creation and Retention         *Transparency

Values Statements

Fulton County:
Promote Fulton County as the premier upstate New York business location.
Economic Growth:
Drive strong and sustainable economic development in Fulton County.
Collaborate with other key entities to create economic development.
Leadership Development:
Provide leadership development opportunities to our business leaders.
Quality of Life:
Promote and preserve the excellent quality of life in Fulton County.
Leverage synergies with other key entities to support economic growth.
Make strategic investments to attract, retain and grow local businesses.
Work with start-ups and local businesses to create great jobs.
Ensure appropriate accountability in all areas, especially with financials.
Provide abundant transparency in our operations with all stakeholder groups.
Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.