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Building Fulton County’s Economy One Business at a Time.

Microenterprise Grant Program

The CDBG Microenterprise Grant Program is a grant program to assist small businesses.  

This grant was awarded to Fulton County and is being administered by the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth.  Small businesses can receive grants of up to $25,000 to assist with startup or expansion costs which create jobs.


Eligible Businesses
Grants will be available only to microenterprises. A microenterprise is defined as a commercial enterprise that has (5) five or fewer FTE employees, one (1) or more of which owns the enterprise at the time of application. Projects must result in the creation afar least one PTE job. In the case where no jobs are to be created, the employer and/owner or current employee base must be low or moderate-income person as established by CDBG at the time closing.
Eligible Activities
Eligible activities include providing assistance to businesses that are involved in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, agriculture, high technology, research and development and traditional and innovative small business endeavors. Retail projects will be considered if the business is located in a town, village or city’s main street.
Business Structure
The Microenterprise may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation.
The business must be located within Fulton County.
Microenterprise businesses must present a reasonable likelihood for long term viability based upon issues such as feasibility, marketability, management, competition, and capitalization.
Use of Funds
Grants can be used for capital assets (such as real estate, buildings, machinery and equipment) and working capital.
Applicant Qualifications
Applicants for financing under this program shall be a United States corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship, be able to repay if found in default of program objectives, and possess good character and reputation and be of legal age.
Passive Investing Prohibited
Grant funds will not be utilized for activities that consist primarily of investing, speculation in real estate, or to primarily assist in the sale or purchase of an existing business.
Limits on Construction Funding
Construction, rehabilitation and renovation activities are not eligible using CDBG Microenterprise funding, as such activities would trigger Federal Labor Standards. The program will look to non-Federal funds to cover the cost of construction or renovation in those instances where such activities need to take place.
Building Fulton County’s Economy... One Business at a Time.