Attendance, Salary and Compensation Policy

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Attendance, Salary and Compensation Policy

In accordance with Section 2824 (1) of Public Authority Law (PAL) of the State of New York, the following policy has been established the President and CEO, Management Staff and Other Employees of Fulton County Center for Regional Growth (CRG):

Payment of salary, compensation and other reimbursements shall be handled on an individual basis in accordance with CRG’s By-Laws and its Employee Handbook, as well as State and Federal Employment Laws. These guidelines are also used to establish rules for time off and attendance. The Board of Directors and/or the President and CEO of CRG provide direction and handle any violation of these issues as indicated in the By-Laws and the Employee Handbook.

CRG’s By-Laws shall be consulted regarding the issue of compensation to CRG Members and Directors, as well as their meeting attendance requirements.