Affordable Spaces Available In A People-Led Downtown Gloversville

Gloversville is an affordable, strategically located city-just a few hours or less from major metropolitan areas including Albany, New York City, Montreal, Boston, and Buffalo.

Drink Good Beer With Good Friends!

When the United States Army stationed him in Germany in the 1980s, Erik Stevens had the opportunity to taste some great German beer. When he returned to the states, he found himself disappointed with the offerings here.

The Johnstown Trifecta

Forty-two years ago, Vern Jackson’s employer offered him a job promotion, provided he agreed to move to Johnstown, New York. His supervisor promised to bring him back to his hometown in a year.

Tryon Technology Park

The former juvenile detention center, where a young Mike Tyson learned to box, has been transformed into a ready-to-go, reasonably-priced, quiet, and sized-to-suit place for businesses to thrive, with plenty of room for expansion.

Rising  Above the Flood

Fulton County is one of three counties that encompass the 125 miles of shoreline around the largest reservoir in New York State, the Great Sacandaga Lake.

SUCCESS is Brewing in Fulton County

Some people do a double take when they drive down Main Street in Johnstown these days.

Why Choose AIM?

Fulton County manufacturers who want to develop new products, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and profits have vast resources across New York State available to them.

Johnstown Opens A Window of Growth For Pioneer

When you’re walking amidst New York City’s high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, there’s a good chance that you’re looking at windows that were manufactured in Johnstown, New York by Pioneer Window Manufacturing Corporation.


When the business community speaks, the faculty at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC) listens. “We change our programs and courses based on input from our employer groups,”

Building a Future on the Past: Niche Market Fits Townsend Leather Like a Glove

The Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce is embracing its mission to promote economic growth in the Mohawk Valley through a variety of programs and initiatives designed to help businesses succeed.