FCCRG Projects, LLC Meeting Agenda – December 15, 2023

FCCRG Projects, LLC

Meeting of the
Board of Directors

Friday –December 15, 2023
~ immediately following the CRG Board Meeting

34 W Fulton St & Zoom Conference

Gloversville, New York



I. Welcome & Call to Order


II. Roll Call

___ Timothy Beckett, Past Chair
___ Terri Easterly
___ Dr. Leslie Ford, Secretary
___ Warren Greene
___ Kent Kirch, Vice Chair
___ Geoffrey Peck, Treasurer
___ Grant Preston, Chair
___ Denis Wilson
___ Jack Wilson

III.  Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of November 17, 2023 minutes – FCCRG Projects, LLC BOD Meeting

IV.  Announcements

  • None

V. Reports

  • Chair Report
  • Committees (none)

VI. Current Business

  • Johnstown Commerce Park (Crossland)
    • Resolution to authorize the use of funds to acquire property

VII. Adjourn to Executive Session

  • None Planned

VIII. Wrap Up

IX. Adjourn Meeting