Friday September 27th, 2019

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Friday – September 27th, 2019- 8:30 a.m.
34 West Fulton Street Gloversville, New York

Directors Present: Timothy Beckett, Terri Easterly, Gregory Fagan, Kent Kirch, Travis Mitchell,Geoffrey Peck, Grant Preston

Directors Absent: Leslie Ford, Ronald Olinsky

Staff Present: Ronald Peters, Jennifer Jennings, Ken Adamczyk, Desiree Perham

Other Attendees: Mike Albanese, Esq., Legal Counsel; Warren Greene, County Liaison; Ashley Onyon, Leader Herald

Public Session


Call to Order/Introductions/Meeting Minutes:
Kent Kirch called the meeting to order at 8:32 a.m. He welcomed the Directors and guests to the meeting.

Roll call was taken by Desiree Perham.

Motion to approve the August 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes was made by Travis Mitchell and seconded
by Terri Easterly. No additional comments. Tim Beckett, Gregory Fagan and Grant Preston abstained as
they were not present for the August meeting. The motion passed.

Administrative Matters

Chair Report:

Kent Kirch-

  • Acknowledged Tim Beckett’s Jubilee event, the great tour of The Stitch building and the positive
    impact his company has had on their employees and the surrounding community.
  • The Board Training held on September 10th was a great session and everyone’s active participation was appreciated.
  • The Joint CRG/IDA meeting resulted in some good discussion and was productive. Kent thanked everyone for the extra efforts put forward in this busy month

Conclusion of Chair Report

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee: This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Governance Committee: This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Finance Committee: Greg Fagan reported on the committee’s September 25th, 2019 meeting. The Committee reviewed the organization’s usual items:

  • Cash balance
  • Phil Beckett’s report.
  • Expenses for 34 W. Fulton St.
  • Loan Pool reports
    Everything looked good and was in order. Loans are up-to-date. Watching cash flow, as is typical. Nothing special to report.

Audit Committee: This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Building Committee: This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

Membership & Marketing Committee: This Committee has not met since the last Board meeting.

  • Plan to meet with Ken and finalize plans on event; everything is moving along well.

Conclusion of Committee Reports.

Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist Report:

Jennifer Jennings:

  • Bacon Jam – September 28th
    •  Food vendors, 10 of 11 confirmed.
    •  Liquor licenses: we have ours so able to charge $5 entry, rounding up the remaining few.
    •  Expecting 4,000 to 4,500 people to attend. Geoff noted big’ buzz and excitement with Nathan Littauer staff.
    •  Set-up is turnkey for a smooth handoff for next year. Bacon Jam is taking off this year, really doing well, lots of local talk and reach is expanding. Good press from the Gazette and WENT.
  • September Marketing:
    • Bacon Jam Event boosted ($100-this month); had good results – reached 11,500
      Lifetime (May) Reached 27,600 people with 1,800 going or interested.
    • Gloversville Bacon Jam Page – 301 Views, 14,000 Post Reach and 1550 Post Engagement
    • Facebook-DT Gloversville: reached 60 people (down)/5,468 engagements (down)
    • Most engaged post – Welcome to Ciera Paige Photography
  • Elk Street Park Project
    •  Information and fund raising documents printed (handout); hope to raise money quickly.
    •  There will be community voting on the top five murals designed by GHS art students. The winner will be used for court design.
    •  Kickoff is on October 12th, 2019 at Fulton County Barber Shop
    •  Basketball Tournament is slated for October 26 & 27, 2019 at the Gloversville High School.
    •  Betsy Batchelor kept city involved, doing their part to help clean up the city and make the entry ways look better.
    •  The Elk Street Park Project is part of the part of the Project Backboard National Program. Our project is well underway without grant money. The planning team is determined and the community is involved, impressive effort.

Conclusion of GODS Report.

County and City Reports:

Kent requested reports from the City and County members present.

County: (Warren Greene):

  • No comments this month.


  • No representative present.

Conclusion of County and City Reports.

President and CEO Report

Ron Peters:

  • Current Projects
    •  Pioneer Windows received their equipment delivery and is in the process of setting up.
    •  Industrial sites – need more! Have Tryon IP, one site in Johnstown IP, and 2 small sites in Crossroads IP.
    •  Evolution Recycling – $200,000 package – CDBG financing
    •  Working with Taylor Made on expansion in Crossroads Industrial Park; additional
      comments for Executive Session.
    •  CFA’s – a few were submitted, hope to hear in November.
    •  ORI announcement, hope to hear soon.
  • Micro Enterprise Grants (Ken Adamczyk)
    •  We have seven and an eighth on the way: Peck’s Flowers, Woods Hollow Mining, 47
      Marketplace, LaCocina, Austin Glassworks, Royal Mountain Inn, Frank’s Gun and Tackle, Great Sacandaga Brewing Company plus one in Caroga in the works.
  • Community Outreach
    •  Thanked Tim for The Stitch tour and for turning that area in Johnstown around.
      Impressive to see employee pride and enthusiasm; kudos. Plan to submit Townsend
      Leather/The Stitch for Economic Development Council Award next year.
    •  Next tour, Oct 8 Goderie’s Tree Farm
    • Northville 5&10 should be up and running in the next couple of months; we plan to set up a tour there too.
    •  MVREDC will be doing a county video shoot next week and The Stitch will be included.
    •  Gloversville: Five developers came in; a couple still looking.
    •  Johnstown: Possible anchor project next year.
    •  Caroga Lake: Restaurant financing is still looking good. Ken plans to set-up a presentation for local businesses on CRG services.
    •  Mayfield: Two micro-breweries in the works. We are financing one; loan out in next 30-40 days.
    •  Dolgeville: waiting on CFA
    •  Northville: 5&10 should be up and running in next couple of months.
  •  Business Marketing Inquiries
    o Eleven leads came in: a couple start-ups and one large manufacturer
    • Loan Applicant Updates

    •  Evolution Recycling CWLF loan closing is next week.
    •  Great Sacandaga Brewing Company loan is in process.
    •  Twenty loans are up and being managed.
  •  34 West Fulton Street – Revitalization Project
    • Scaling back the scope to top 3 items.
    •  Will meet with the Building Committee once AND Architecture and Design has the scope change documents completed.
  •  Resolutions – Nine presented by Kent Kirch for a vote. Two dealing with CIC bankruptcy filing; a long, slow process. The Attorney General was involved; agreed to the bankruptcy five years ago, finally wrapping it up.
  • Resolution of Concurrence with County Wide Loan Fund Committee on a loan to Great Sacandaga Brewing Company
  1.  Motion – Gregory Fagan Second – Travis Mitchell
  2.  Discussion: Watch loan closely, prior microbreweries have had difficulties;
    equipment resale is not good. GSBC has a lot of skin in the game; their vision fits
    the scale of their operation, location is good.
  3. Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution to adopt a lease agreement between Fulton County Center for Regional Growth and Family Counseling Center.
  1. Motion – Geoff Peck Second – Grant Preston
  2.  Discussion: None
  3. Vote: Passed unanimously
  1. Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution for consent to create an ad hoc committee
  1. Motion – Grant Preston Second – Travis Mitchell
  2.  Discussion: If it is “Ad Hoc” is resolution required? Geoff Peck did not feel it was
    necessary. Ron Peters noted that the formation of a Board Development
    Committee was an outcome of the Board training session. At one time, in the bylaws,
    it was a standing committee. In which case ad hoc term should be removed.
  3.  Vote: In favor – 6 Abstained- 1 (Geoff Peck) Nay- o Passed
  4. Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution for the approval of membership applications for Fulton County
    Center for Regional Growth.
  1.  Motion – Geoff Peck Second – Terri Easterly
  2.  Discussion: Noted typo: Johnstown should be Northhampton; correction will be
  3.  Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution for the approval of Fulton County Center for Regional Growth
    board member appointment to committee
  1. Motion – Gregory Fagan Second – Grant Preston
  2.  Discussion: In future, if multiple committee appointments, stack in one resolution.
  3.  Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution for the approval of Fulton County Center for Regional Growth
    board member appointment to committee
  1.  Motion – Geoff Peck Second – Timothy Beckett
  2.  Discussion: None
  3.  Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Certificate of Corporate Resolution of Fulton County Center for Regional
    Growth, Inc.
  1.  Motion – Gregory Fagan Second – Timothy Beckett
  2.  Discussion: Of the two resolutions for CIC bankruptcy, one is as FCCRG Board
    approving bankruptcy, and other is as sole member of CIC.
  3.  Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Certificate of Corporate Resolution of Crossroads Incubator Corporation.
  1.  Motion – Geoff Peck Second – Gregory Fagan
  2.  Discussion: None
  3.  Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Other
    • Annual event – Gala (Ken Adamczyk, handout-promo flyer)
  1.  Gala is ready to go.
  2.  There will be a ribbon cutting event for the Incubator, “Did you know” campaign
    will be highlighted and additional assembly will be completed today. Art work has
    been donated to “pretty-up” the area.
  3.  Lots of support and donations – Benjamin Moore, G.E., Curtis Lumber, Davies
    Office Equipment, Bill Coffey Studios, Northville Rotary, Glove City and more.
  4. Tickets were passed out for Board members to sell – more available.
  5.  Sport Island Pub set for catering, also Cravings.

Conclusion of the President and CEO Report.

Adjournment to Executive Session to Discuss Legal Issues

the motion and it passed unanimously. Returned from executive session at 9:58 a.m.

Action Taken:

  • Resolution to remove wording “ad hoc” from Resolution to consent to create
    a Board Development Committee
    1. Motion – Gregory Fagan Second – Terri Easterly
    ii. Discussion: None
    iii. Vote: Passed unanimously
  • Resolution to adopt an operating agreement for FCCRG, Projects, LLC.
    1. Motion – Gregory Fagan Second – Geoff Peck
    n. Discussion: None
    iii. Vote: Passed unanimously

Additional comments:

  • Michael Albanese Esq., legal counsel, will compose a resolution for the transfer of 18-26 S. Main St. properties to MVP Development, LLC.
  • In the future, include any resolutions in the BOD package and reference number or title for discussion and voting during the BOD meeting.
  • In the next meeting, Travis Mitchell would like to review in greater detail a technology for improved visuals of properties. It uses an hdmi connection, a wireless mouse and is under $400 to implement and set-up. It can interface with a flat screen display for land development work, can utilize Google Earth Pro, maps etc … to highlight and identify properties in the county and view the surrounding area. It is an excellent visual aid.

At 10:13 a.m. Geoff Peck moved a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Leslie Ford with unanimous passing.

Respectfully Submitted,

________________________________                    _________________

Greg Fagan, Board Secretary                                                     Date

Board Meetings are held the Fourth Friday of the Month
at the CRG Main Office
at 8:30 AM

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