Infrastructure in the Adirondacks

The county plans to continue in phases until the entire project is complete, opening up myriad opportunities for new economic development.

Dreamroad Farm Carries on Family Traditions

Dreamroad Farm produces 1.1 million pounds of that milk a year from 80 cows. They sell the milk to Agrimark, the owner of Cabot Cheese and processing plants in New England and Vermont.

Health Care Born to Serve Our Community

MVHPC is an independent organization & not affiliated with any healthcare system. “We were born in the community, & we remain in the community, serving the community,” said Kara Travis. “That’s one thing that differentiates us.”

SUNY FMCC Builds to Suit

With a new strategic plan and leadership, Fulton Montgomery Community College is meeting the workforce needs of employers in more ways than ever before.

2024 Initiatives Guide to Fulton County

The 2024 Initiatives Guide to Fulton County is a great resource to learn about the area's current business community. Our County has an excellent team of professionals that will make working here and living here a great experience.

A New Environment Through Brownfields

Brownfield sites are transforming. Thanks to innovative programs, neglected spaces are now becoming vibrant community hubs of pride.

Clean Energy Saves Money

NY has set its most ambitious goals for clean energy. By 2030, NY’s government wants 70 percent of consumers’ electricity from renewable energy sources.

Nathan Littauer – Golden Care in the Golden Hour

For growth, a region needs good schools, housing, jobs, and healthcare. Fulton County offers these. Since 1894, NLH has as its prime healthcare cornerstone.

44 Lakes Craft Beverage Trail

In 2021, the Chamber and local craft beverage makers launched the 44 Lakes Craft Beverage Trail. They helped their businesses grow while also boosting tourism.

Bright Futures Through Micro Grants

Dave Webber’s Higher Ground Distilling Co. was a new business when COVID-19 hit and government regulations forced him to close doors.