Elected Officials Tour Pioneer Window

Elected Officials Tour Pioneer Window

June 6, 2017, may have been a rainy day here in Fulton County, but at Pioneer Window, the view was bright and sunny. We held the first of our monthly business tours for the local elected officials, and we were delighted to see inside this manufacturing company, located in the Johnstown Industrial Park at 200 Union Avenue.

Board on Tour of Broadalbin manufacturingPioneer Window’s Vice President of Manufacturing, Eric Miller, graciously hosted our party of 15. He began by briefing us on the history of Pioneer Window in Fulton County and brought us into the present by describing their current projects in New York City. They are working on several projects there at this time ranging from schools to high rise apartment buildings.

Mr. Miller then took us on a tour of the window manufacturing facility. It is a busy place, full of employees building windows, cleaning the glass on finished products, and  preparing them for shipment. We got to see the entire process, including state-of-the-art robotic tools used to cut and prepare window components. Most employees, however, still assemble the basic window structure by hand and it is fascinating to watch.

Each step in the process was explained during the tour. We even got to see a display model of one project in particular to see what the finished project would look like.

huge pane of window glass at Pioneer WIndowsWe all learned so much about this business that has been quietly evaluating its operation and searching for ways to diversify within their niche. They not only survived the economic down-turn that effected us all, but are now thriving and continue to ramp up production. The employees at Pioneer Window were all courteous and happy – diligently working during our visit, despite having a group of 15 people watching them and asking questions. They even put up with us getting in the way of fork lift trucks and hand carts – all with smiles.

written by Becky Hatcher, CRG Executive Assistant