Family and friends foster business opportunities in Fulton County

The connections between family and friends create a supportive atmosphere that allows small-business enterprises to thrive.

Fulton County Loves Nano

If your business supplies the high-tech industry, then Fulton County is the place to be. The county is situated in the heart of New York’s nanotechnology triangle. NY Creates, a world-leading organization for research, development, and commercialization, is the southeastern point. GlobalFoundries, a leader in semiconductor design, development, and fabrication, represents the northeastern point.

Vireo is flourishing in Fulton County

New York’s legalization of marijuana for adult use has opened up a world of potential and increased revenue for Vireo Health, Inc., a manufacturer of cannabis products with a facility in Fulton County. Vireo is flourishing in Fulton County. In 2020, the company saw revenues of $49.2 million, up 64.3 percent from 2019.